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Winner San Diego’s BEST

September 9th, 2015

Hello Bella Gia Friends! Once again we have been voted BEST in San Diego! The Union Tribune Reader Poll results were recently released and we won Top 5 for Best Massage in San Diego and Top 3 for Best Day Spa in San Diego. We are so humbled by the kindness of our clients! These awards are truly an honor for us and we really appreciate everyone who voted! We work hard every day to provide outstanding customer service and amazing treatments for every client – thank you for recognizing our hard work!!!  We

We have been voted Best Day Spa in San Diego and in the Top 5 for Best Massage in San Diego since 2013. We also won or placed in Best Hair Salon in San Diego in 2013 and 2014. We are a full service hair salon specializing in color, cuts, highlights, brazilian blowout and hair extensions and a full service day spa offering body treatments, massages, couples massages, facials, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, body peels and waxing. Our service providers are highly trained,  skilled professionals who always work with your best interests in mind!

Thank you again, we look forward to seeing you soon!!

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Our Successful Mother’s Day

May 19th, 2015

Mother’s Day at Bella Gia Salon and Day Spa, was a huge success from start to finish! Mother’s from all ends of the spectrum came in to celebrate with us, not just Sunday May 10th, but the entire Mother’s day weekend.

We have a wonderful front desk team that works hard to help clients pick the perfect gift for the Mother in their life. We make sure to take the carrun 169x300 Our Successful Mothers Daytime to accommodate every one and customize packages to what the client needs and wants. In the picture to the right we had a client order a gift card for his wife over the phone, when he came to pick up the gift card his three year old son was fast asleep in his car. No worries, we do curbside pick up! We also made phone calls for our busy clients after purchasing gift certificates to let their Mothers know they were gifted a spa day with every taken care of when they would like to schedule an appointment.

In the spa we made everything extra special! We had a special Mother’s Day menu that we made in house, Watermelon, Strawberry, Basil infused water, and of course champagne and mimosa’s flowing under beautiful candle light! Our decor was also updated right before the big weekend. We added gorgeous acrylic art pieces to our service rooms and hall ways, and a beautiful waterfall.

Our team was so honored to make the day special for the Moms that came in over Mother’s Day weekend. For all the hard work, time, and love Moms put in every day they deserve a day of relaxation, pampering, and being catered to!

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The Half Dos Take Over

April 30th, 2015

The newest trend taking over is the half up-dos!

The reason why this look is taking storm is because it achieves the look every girl has been searching for! By doing a “half do” it gives your hair instant volume and fullness,  keeps your hair out of your face, and still showing off your long locks! The best part is it looks even better with “day old hair” (day after being washed)!

This look can be customized completely to your liking! If you like a messy look or a sleek clean look, a braid, ponytail or bun all are perfect to achieve the “half do”! To achieve this look it is as simple as sectioning off the top part of your hair to the thickness and width of your liking. Then pin up that top portion how you normally would, sometimes to ensure that it is secure you may want to add in a few extra pins. If you are wanting extra fullness I would recommend teasing the sides of your hair and lightly spraying the whole style with your choice of hairspray. Then style the bottom portion of your hair how you normally would. This looks amazing with all hair straight or curly.

This trend has been taking storm on the runways, with celebrities, and even your very own Bella Gia Salon & Day Spa team!

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Get Ready For Your Special Day!

April 24th, 2015

Wedding season is just around the corner! What better way to get any wedding planning started then knowing you’ve booked the right appointment for your hair, makeup, and better yet what a great feeling to have when your all stressed out and you get to relax in our day spa with a relaxing massage or facial before the big day!

Bella Gia Salon & Day Spa is a great place to accommodate all those things you need. Our hair salon side has eight lovely hair stylists that are all experienced whether you are interested in highlights, color, styling/updos, extensions, or even maybe a new hair cut! Our stylists here at Bella Gia, enjoy taking the time and working on our clients making sure that they have succeeded in what their client is looking for. Our stylists also know the latest hair trends/ styles that any client would enjoy having! That doesn’t stop there, while our stylists do an amazing job on hair, we also have a few stylists here that specializes in makeup & loves doing it! Whether you are the bride, bridesmaid, or guest of a wedding, we are more than happy to make sure you walk out of our front door loving your makeup, feeling beautiful!

Feeling a little stressed out from all your wedding planning? Spoil yourself a little bit more and enjoy our many different types of massages or facials we also offer here at Bella Gia Salon and Day Spa. Our Bella Gia signature massage includes a combination of swedish, deep tissue, and aromatherapy, it’s very relaxing! We also offer deep tissue, aromatherapy, and swedish by itself along with lava stone, sports, hand & foot, and prenatal massages as well. If your more interested in facials, then maybe our Le Grade Classique may be the right one for you which is described as a deep pore cleansing, very healing and relaxing. We also have facials that include Microdermabrasion too!

So remember next time your looking for a place to book with your bridesmaids, just know we’d love to have you here!

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April 22nd, 2015

Screen Shot 2015 03 06 at 11.18.09 AM 300x81 Stylescapes

I’m sure your asking yourself what is stylescapes. Stylescapes is a brand new technique created by Moroccan Oil. Today we had the privilege of hosting other Salons and Stylist from around the San Diego area for the Moroccan Oil education class on these new hand crafted styles.

These styles are 25-minute blow outs that are set in a meticulous way that after it is cooled and let down you will achieve one of 4 specifically designed looks: The Sahara, The Casablanca, The Vienna, & The Ibiza.  Each look can still be personalized to your face shape and hair type still achieving a stylish look that suits your features.  Along with being personalized there are upgrades that can customize the look as well. So even if you love the Sahara for your every day blow dry you can still upgrade that blow out for a little special something on special occasions.

Each of these styles come with instructions for the next 2 days with product cocktail suggestions and an easy simple style for day 3. To give your hair style longevity, making mornings simple by taking out the thinking in doing your hair.

These Premium Blow-outs are an amazing option for someone who either doesn’t have a lot of time on their hands or never knows what to do with their hair.

Stylescapes will be coming soon to Bella Gia Salon & Day Spa. For more information ask your stylist or call the front desk for info (619) 297-7601!

Book online when creating an online account by registering your email.

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Vivid, Bold, & Bright

February 6th, 2015

It is slowly becoming more and more acceptable to have bright and bold hair colors opposed to the more traditional blondes and brunettes. Walking down the street or scrolling through your newsfeed you may find that friends are making daring changes in their hair colors from bright, bold reds and coppers to deep and daring violets, people are loving this new trend.

Before having brightly colored hair was only something done by the rebellious and dare devil crowd. Now even more conservative people from all age ranges are venturing into pure pigment vivids.

Not everyone needs to have there entire hair done in a full all over color of pure true red like the little mermaid, there are many other ways to get your feet wet with these primary colors.

Bold- Some are tinting their brunette tones by adding a kick of red or violet to give their natural color a tint/hue of the color without being too overwhelming. Inside your hair may still have that nice traditional brunette color but in the sun it will pick up and enhance the color you toned it with.

Bolder– Others are choosing to dip-dye their hair or do a few peek-a-boo high lights of a bold color, this look will give you the vibrancy your looking for while still keeping your over all color this will be less up keep by not brining the color not completely up to the roots.

Boldest- Then many are either doing an ombre or all over color of a pure pigment color definitely giving you a bold vivid look where ever you go.

violet 300x300 Vivid, Bold, & Bright red 300x300 Vivid, Bold, & Bright

Here are some looks that were done with us at Bella Gia Salon and Day Spa!

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Different Massage Types

January 29th, 2015

Day in and day out I will have questions on the different types of massages and what exactly is the difference. While we have great short descriptions in both our menu and online sometimes people want more information. I have decided to put in one easy spot a more detailed description of each massage, exactly how I would describe them to a client if they we’re to ask me over the phone or in person.

Swedish Massage: When most people think to themselves of a massage, this is usually the modality they think of. It is a more relaxing massage that goes with the grain of the muscle in long smooth strokes. If you are just looking for a massage to help you relax this is a great pick. Our price for an hour is $90 and for a 90 min is $125

Deep Tissue: Is similar to swedish massage but at a deeper level of the muscle and pressure. In this type of massage they work against the grain of the muscle and is geared towards releasing pressure. If you have a lot of knots or tension in areas you are wanting worked out this then would be a great massage for you. Our price for an hour is $95 and for a 90 min is $135

Bella Gia Signature Massage: Our Bella Gia Signature Massage is our most popular massage, it’s a combination of Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Aroma Therapy. The massage therapist are able to customize these 3 modalities to your individual needs, that way if you need one area worked on more than the others they can accomplish that. With the aroma therapy we have several different essential oils in each room that you can choose from or the massage therapist can choose based on the benefits you need. If you are either unsure of what type of massage would be best for you, are wanting to try different modalities, or have a certain area you want worked on then just want to relax the rest of the massage this is the perfect massage for you. Our price for an hour is $100 and for a 90 min is $145.

Prenatal Massage: This is the massage only massage that can be performed once some one is pregnant. No massage can be preformed in the first trimester, for it is too high of a risk to cause labor. Once the expectant mother reaches her second trimester she would schedule a prenatal massage with one of our massage therapist that is specifically trained in this modality. If the pregnancy is already at the point where it is  uncomfortable to lay on her stomach then a side lined massage would be preformed. If you are past your second trimester of pregnancy and want relief from some of the aches and pains pregnancy causes this is a great option for you. Our prices for an hour is $90 and for a 90 min is $125.

Sports Massage: In Sports Massage, they focus on working out tension and ache muscles through both massage and different stretching techniques. If you are an athlete or do regular vigorous exercise then this would be the idle massage for you. Our price for an hour is $95 and for a 90 min $135.

Lava Stone Massage: This is a wonderful relaxing massage. Similar to the way the swedish massage works with the grain of the muscle in long slow relaxing strokes with both their hands and the lava stones. As well as placing the warm lava stones on different parts of the muscle to help relax and heat up the muscle for optimum results. If you are looking for a nice relaxing massage but want to step it up this is the perfect massage for you.  Our price for an hour is $105 and for a 90 min $145

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Kind Words From a Client

December 30th, 2014

Last week we received wonderful compliments from one of our lovely clients of the past four years. She had stopped in to buy some of her travel size moroccan oil hair sprays  before one of her many trips. While in she stayed to chat with us, and shared stories about her many trips she has gone on  and how she has been to many spa’s around the world, but now when on vacation skips going to the spa and waits till she’s back home to get massages with us! From many travels through out the years she has been to many different spas between different hotels, countries, and cruise lines,  and had many lovely things to say about these other salon’s and spa, like how she loves some of their  other amenities but the massages she has received here are just as great and sometimes even better at a fraction of the price!  For the amazing customer services, top of line services, and great atmosphere, at an amazing unbeatable price we are definitely the best!

We love hearing wonderful feed back from our clients! It truly is one of our favorite things to hear and read your comments! If there is a comment or story you would like to share with us about your salon and spa experience you can always contact us through our email, many social media accounts (Facebook, instagram, pinterest) or by leaving reviews on Yelp or Google, or like our client last week contact us directly in person!

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Stocking Stuffers

December 28th, 2014

In the blink of the eye it’s became the Holiday Season! It seems like it just snuck up on us and in less than 10 days it will be the big gift giving day! Have you made a list and checked it twice with what your loved ones may want and need? Don’t worry if you have procrastinated, we have a list of the perfect stocking stuffers for everyone in your life!

PCA’s Holiday Gift Bag!

This is a stylish metallic bag that comes with travel size versions of PCA’s newest top of line products!

Travel Size Yon-ka Lotion

The Travel Size Yon-ka lotion is the same formulation,  in a more durable and compact packaging ,

so you can get that hydrating  mist where ever you go!

Hempz Travel Size

These intense moisturizing lotions and body butters

now available in the perfect size to take with you everywhere!

The Wet Brush

These brushes detangle hair   in the most gentle and quick way!

Moroccan Oil Travel Size

Your favorite products now in travel size!

(Shampoo, Conditioners, Oil Treatments, Hair Spray, and Curl Define Creams)

Pureology Holiday Sets

“The Aroma Therapy Collection” these kits are an amazing steal of a deal!

Pureology’s most popular Shampoo & Conditioner including an aroma therapy candle and a travel size leave in conditioner,  Colour Fanatic!

Gift Cards!

Screen Shot 2014 12 15 at 12.35.48 PM 300x298 Stocking Stuffers

What can beat getting a gift card for that massage or facial you’ve been dying to get? Or knowing that your next hair appointment is already covered? A day of relaxation and pampering at the Salon and Spa will be the perfect holiday surprise for all your loved ones!

These’ winter wonderful gifts are sure to impress all your friends and family! Even if your busy this holiday season don’t sweat it we will be open every day up until Christmas Eve at 4:00!

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Keep Your Skin Hydrated In Dry Weather

December 2nd, 2014

It’s red flag warning weather here in sunny San Diego which we all know can be dangerous for or city but what about our skin? I have heard so many people complain about the feeling of tight and dry skin, from clients coming into the salon, co-workers, and even my own family and friends. Stop the dry and windy weather from damaging your skin with some quick and easy changes in your skin care routine.

  • Use a hydrating toner or mister through out the day to replenish your skin from any water loss from being out and about. An amazing option is our Yon-ka Lotions with there amazing blend of 5 essential oils, they help rebalance and hydrate the skin with a few quick and easy sprays from the mister. We currently carry for the holidays a limited amount or travel size Yon-ka lotions perfect to keep in your purse or for travel!
  • Also changing your night time moisturizer to a slightly heavier formula to help lock in moisture and prevent any transepidermal water loss (TWEL) from your skin through out  the night. This will help keep your skin hydrated and healthy and not have that dry tight feeling when waking up.
  • Adding a hydrating mask to your skin care routine, this is a quick and easy step to add into your weekly routine. Depending on recommendation from your esthetician and how dry your skin feels you can do this anywhere from once  a week to every few days.
  • Keep up on your regular treatments with your estheticians, consult with your esthetician too if you are having changes in your skin so they can change up your treatment accordingly we have several different facials and treatments to help with your skin including our amazing Hydralessence facial specifically created for hydration.
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