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 Eyebrow Waxing 150x150 Waxing Eye Brow Design $20+ Eyebrows waxing is very popular because it’s fairly quick and can last weeks. More importantly, professional, detailed brow shaping adds eye-opening arches or a little extra lift in your overall look. The results from this service will leave you looking polished, pretty and put-together.
 waxing lip 150x150 Waxing Lip, Chin or Nose $10 We also offer lip, chin or nose waxing with results that can last for 2 to 4 weeks.
 FULL FACE WAX 001 150x150 Waxing Sides of Face $25+ Get rid of unwanted hair on the sides of face.
 ear candles 150x150 Waxing Ears $15+ We also offer ear waxing with results that can last for 2 to 4 weeks.
 full face wax 150x150 Waxing Full Face $60+ (includes brows) Face waxing is the removal unwanted hair from face by using waxing method. It can leave your face smooth and free of hair for weeks. This wax includes brow shaping.
 underarm 150x150 Waxing Underarm $20+ Underarm waxing keeps your armpits hairless for 2-4 weeks.
 Full Arm Waxing Annapolis Maryland 150x150 Waxing Half Arm $35+ Half arm waxing services are for those of you who want to remove hair on part of your arms.
 rby hair removal bikini wax expert slide 2 de1 150x150 Waxing Full Arm $55+ Full arm waxing services starts at your wrist and goes up to your arm pit.
 hot waxing 150x150 Waxing Bikini Wax $35+ A bikini wax is designed to create a little more tamed look, especially if you are tired of razor burns.
 brazilian waxing 150x150 Waxing Brazilian Bikini Waxing $55+ Brazilian waxing services differ from regular bikini waxes because hair is removed in the front, back and everything in between.
 pamperwax 150x150 Waxing Lower or Upper Leg $40-55+ Lower or upper legs waxing results to soft and silky skin with a delightful finishing touch.
 waxing dubai alqusis 150x150 Waxing Full Leg $95+ Full leg waxing extends the half-leg all the way up to the Bikini line. Most clients combine a Full Leg waxing with the Brazilian; to be hair free, smooth and sexy, from the waist down.
 leg waxing 150x150 Waxing Half Leg and Bikini $80+ Half leg and bikini waxing includes waxing method to to just above the knees. Usually includes toes and feet if required.
 half leg and bikini 150x150 Waxing Full Leg and Bikini $120+ The full leg and bikini waxing is a combination of service that results to smooth and hair free body from waist down.
 full leg and bikini 150x150 Waxing Full Leg and Brazilian $140+ The full leg and brazilian waxing method assures that your lower body part will be completely free from unwanted hair.
 back waxing 150x150 Waxing Back Waxing $75+ Back waxing for men is extremely common. Not only are more guys getting hair removal services in general, but the back tops high on the list.
 Hair removal for Him 150x150 Waxing Chest (includes abdominals) $75+ Chest waxing is a hair removal trend for men that involves spreading hot wax on to the desired area of the upper and lower abdominal area.