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The Half Dos Take Over

Thursday, April 30th, 2015

The newest trend taking over is the half up-dos!

The reason why this look is taking storm is because it achieves the look every girl has been searching for! By doing a “half do” it gives your hair instant volume and fullness,  keeps your hair out of your face, and still showing off your long locks! The best part is it looks even better with “day old hair” (day after being washed)!

This look can be customized completely to your liking! If you like a messy look or a sleek clean look, a braid, ponytail or bun all are perfect to achieve the “half do”! To achieve this look it is as simple as sectioning off the top part of your hair to the thickness and width of your liking. Then pin up that top portion how you normally would, sometimes to ensure that it is secure you may want to add in a few extra pins. If you are wanting extra fullness I would recommend teasing the sides of your hair and lightly spraying the whole style with your choice of hairspray. Then style the bottom portion of your hair how you normally would. This looks amazing with all hair straight or curly.

This trend has been taking storm on the runways, with celebrities, and even your very own Bella Gia Salon & Day Spa team!

Get Ready For Your Special Day!

Friday, April 24th, 2015

Wedding season is just around the corner! What better way to get any wedding planning started then knowing you’ve booked the right appointment for your hair, makeup, and better yet what a great feeling to have when your all stressed out and you get to relax in our day spa with a relaxing massage or facial before the big day!

Bella Gia Salon & Day Spa is a great place to accommodate all those things you need. Our hair salon side has eight lovely hair stylists that are all experienced whether you are interested in highlights, color, styling/updos, extensions, or even maybe a new hair cut! Our stylists here at Bella Gia, enjoy taking the time and working on our clients making sure that they have succeeded in what their client is looking for. Our stylists also know the latest hair trends/ styles that any client would enjoy having! That doesn’t stop there, while our stylists do an amazing job on hair, we also have a few stylists here that specializes in makeup & loves doing it! Whether you are the bride, bridesmaid, or guest of a wedding, we are more than happy to make sure you walk out of our front door loving your makeup, feeling beautiful!

Feeling a little stressed out from all your wedding planning? Spoil yourself a little bit more and enjoy our many different types of massages or facials we also offer here at Bella Gia Salon and Day Spa. Our Bella Gia signature massage includes a combination of swedish, deep tissue, and aromatherapy, it’s very relaxing! We also offer deep tissue, aromatherapy, and swedish by itself along with lava stone, sports, hand & foot, and prenatal massages as well. If your more interested in facials, then maybe our Le Grade Classique may be the right one for you which is described as a deep pore cleansing, very healing and relaxing. We also have facials that include Microdermabrasion too!

So remember next time your looking for a place to book with your bridesmaids, just know we’d love to have you here!

Hot Hair Trend: Trestles Clip-In Hair Extensions

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

Hello Bella Gia Friends!

At Bella Gia Salon and Day Spa, we are always looking for the hottest hair and skin trends in the industry! And nothing makes a woman feel more sexy than long, luscious, beautiful hair. Men like it; women like it and now you can have it without spending a fortune.

Trestles is the latest and greatest in Clip-In Extensions and the only professional custom clip-in extension line in the industry. These extensions are created exclusively for you, so they fit properly and they look great! You can wear them all day with the freedom to take them out each night. No muss, no fuss! Up, down, curly, straight, in a ponytail or to the side, you decide how you want to wear them…the possibilities are endless.

Trestles comes in different lengths 12 to 26 inches, you get to decide which length you want to rock, with 22 colors choices we are sure to match your hair or the hair of your wildest dreams. Trestles is 100% human hair that can be cut, curled or flat ironed, even colored. They require no maintenance other than occasional washing (which we will happily do for you at a minimal fee).

Each set should last up to 1 year with the proper care and gentle wear! Once you select your hair color and measurements, your hair set is hand-sewn and shipped back to us at the salon or to you directly. They even offer overnight delivery. These extensions are easy to use and the hair is so beautiful that you will be the envy of all your friends!! You can also visit their website for more information!