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Get Ready For Your Special Day!

Friday, April 24th, 2015

Wedding season is just around the corner! What better way to get any wedding planning started then knowing you’ve booked the right appointment for your hair, makeup, and better yet what a great feeling to have when your all stressed out and you get to relax in our day spa with a relaxing massage or facial before the big day!

Bella Gia Salon & Day Spa is a great place to accommodate all those things you need. Our hair salon side has eight lovely hair stylists that are all experienced whether you are interested in highlights, color, styling/updos, extensions, or even maybe a new hair cut! Our stylists here at Bella Gia, enjoy taking the time and working on our clients making sure that they have succeeded in what their client is looking for. Our stylists also know the latest hair trends/ styles that any client would enjoy having! That doesn’t stop there, while our stylists do an amazing job on hair, we also have a few stylists here that specializes in makeup & loves doing it! Whether you are the bride, bridesmaid, or guest of a wedding, we are more than happy to make sure you walk out of our front door loving your makeup, feeling beautiful!

Feeling a little stressed out from all your wedding planning? Spoil yourself a little bit more and enjoy our many different types of massages or facials we also offer here at Bella Gia Salon and Day Spa. Our Bella Gia signature massage includes a combination of swedish, deep tissue, and aromatherapy, it’s very relaxing! We also offer deep tissue, aromatherapy, and swedish by itself along with lava stone, sports, hand & foot, and prenatal massages as well. If your more interested in facials, then maybe our Le Grade Classique may be the right one for you which is described as a deep pore cleansing, very healing and relaxing. We also have facials that include Microdermabrasion too!

So remember next time your looking for a place to book with your bridesmaids, just know we’d love to have you here!

Keep Your Skin Hydrated In Dry Weather

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

It’s red flag warning weather here in sunny San Diego which we all know can be dangerous for or city but what about our skin? I have heard so many people complain about the feeling of tight and dry skin, from clients coming into the salon, co-workers, and even my own family and friends. Stop the dry and windy weather from damaging your skin with some quick and easy changes in your skin care routine.

  • Use a hydrating toner or mister through out the day to replenish your skin from any water loss from being out and about. An amazing option is our Yon-ka Lotions with there amazing blend of 5 essential oils, they help rebalance and hydrate the skin with a few quick and easy sprays from the mister. We currently carry for the holidays a limited amount or travel size Yon-ka lotions perfect to keep in your purse or for travel!
  • Also changing your night time moisturizer to a slightly heavier formula to help lock in moisture and prevent any transepidermal water loss (TWEL) from your skin through out  the night. This will help keep your skin hydrated and healthy and not have that dry tight feeling when waking up.
  • Adding a hydrating mask to your skin care routine, this is a quick and easy step to add into your weekly routine. Depending on recommendation from your esthetician and how dry your skin feels you can do this anywhere from once  a week to every few days.
  • Keep up on your regular treatments with your estheticians, consult with your esthetician too if you are having changes in your skin so they can change up your treatment accordingly we have several different facials and treatments to help with your skin including our amazing Hydralessence facial specifically created for hydration.

Still Getting Break Outs and Don’t Know Why?

Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

Are you following your home care regimen and faithfully following your product routine and still getting break outs? In addition to getting regular facials at our day spa here are a few little tips to help you out!


Wash your make-up brushes! 



In brushes that have not been cleaned it’s an easy place for bacteria to grow and multiply when this happens you are spreading the growing bacteria all over your skin every time you use the brush. In return you will continue to have break outs and blemishes despite your skin care routine.  Depending on how often you apply make up and the manufacturer of your brushes you would clean them either weekly or monthly. (if you apply a full face of make up daily clean your brushes every week, but if you only apply make up every few days you can wait longer to clean them)

There are many types of brush cleaning sprays you can purchase and use or if you are looking for items around the house, shampoo or using a gentle dish soap with a drop of olive oil is a great option as well. After washing them reshape the bristles and allow to sit over night to dry!


Skip fabric-softener with pillow cases!



Try washing your sheets and pillow cases more often first, but if that doesn’t work try skipping the fabric-softener. Fabric-softener basically adds a coding over the fabric which can be irritating your skin while sleeping! Try out this tip especially if you are having break outs specifically on the side of your face you tend to have against the sheets.

Wipe down your phones screen!


Especially now that cell phones never leave our sides they collect all types of dirt, debris, oils from our finger tips, and bacteria. Make sure you clean your phone frequently so none of that will spread to your skin.


It’s not just about making sure your skin is clean but making sure everything that touches your skin is clean too! Especially if you have break-out prone skin take the extra precautions 🙂

The Importance in Daily Facial Cleansing

Sunday, October 5th, 2014

The one sentence that will make any esthetician cringe is “Well, I don’t really wash my face

Nothing will give us a little baby heart attack quicker than those few simple words and here’s why. Cleansing your skin is the foundation for the over all health of your skin. Not washing it allows the dirt, debris, and over all pollution of the day to sink into your pores making them appear larger, weigh down the skin making fine lines and wrinkles more apparent, allows dead skin to build up and become compact blocking in sebum causing breakouts and inflammation, in return inflammation causes pigmentation. When washing your skin you are sweeping away all the dirt, debris, and pollution loosening up the dead skin cells to be exfoliated away and in return giving your skin a nice textural and visual appearance.



Adding a cleanser to your daily routine takes only a few minutes but makes a huge difference! Here’s a general rule for choosing the correct cleanser for you, when your skin is on the dry side look at milky and creamy cleansers, they will clean the skin without stripping it of the natural oils. For skin on the more oily side look at gel cleansers, the gel base will pick up extra oils the skin produces through out the day. Here at Bella Gia Salon and Day  Spa we carry two amazing different product lines Yon-ka Paris and PCA (physicians care alliance) both have amazing options for cleansers for all skin types. Like all home regimen products it’s always a good idea to consult with your esthetician before purchasing an item.

Professional Facial versus Home Regimine

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

Something that is a common mind set for people is viewing coming in for professional treatments and using products at home as an “either/or” situation rather than viewing them as a team! When striving for healthy skin you need to come in for regular professional treatments and keep up your skin in between.

Regular treatments is one of the most beneficial choices you can make for your skin. By having regular treatments it re-stimulates the skin to react the way it once did in your youth and turnover every 28 days, which is why most estheticians will recommend coming in every 4-6 weeks or once a month. Your skin slows down every day as time goes on and taking it’s biggest drop after the age of 25 its a sad truth everyone must face. However when coming in for professional treatments you can trigger your skin to act younger than it is and not slow down but maintain a healthy rhythm.

Just like treatments can be customized so can a home regime not just the products that are used but how many needed to be used. If you are a simple person or super busy and have trouble finding time in the day, let your esthetician know they can create a simple to follow and quick home plan for you. If you are the type of person who wants to get results fast and are willing to take all the steps necessary to get there let them know that too! For every different personality and lifestyle there is we have a solution to help you have the healthy skin you want and deserve!

One example that has always stuck with me was one that was used while I was in school. Think of it as going to the dentist, you go in for regular cleanings but you still need to brush and floss at home. When coming in for a facial, peel, microdermabrasion, or any other skin treatment you are visiting a knowledgeable, licensed, and certified professional to check the health of your skin  and to use they’re expertise and techniques to rejuvenate overall appearance as well as reverse any conditions your skin may have. Between services your home regimen is there to help preserve the work of the esthetician did in the treatment room and protect it from further damage.  Ultimately you get more bang for your buck by accelerating and enhancing the results in from your treatments when using a home regimen plan.


PCA skin  300x163 Professional Facial versus Home Regimineyonka 300x110 Professional Facial versus Home Regimine

What is a Facial?

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

Through the constant interaction with clients there’s many frequently asked questions one of the most common ones with skin care is “What is a facial exactly?”

I decided to put myself in the clients shoes and google search the question. After looking at the  very first answer, which is usually as far as all of  us get on google search I found that all they had was a simple definition, a facial is: 1. of or affecting the face. and 2. a beauty treatment for the face. I then realized if you are not someone who works in the industry, or an avid salon/spa goer it’s the exactly in the question that they’re looking for.

A facial is one of the best ways to take care of your skin! In most “classic” facials the treatment consists of deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, nourishing and replenishing of the skin. The purpose of a facial is to promote even and clear complexion  and texture as well as hydration and promoting the skins cellular turn over. Since skin is the largest organ in the human body and second most complicated, serving as the first barrier for ourselves to the outside world, an estheticians number one goal is to preserve and protect the skin

There are several different variations of facials that can be customized based on your skin type and skin conditions. One of the best things to do when you are having trouble choosing which type of facial would work for you is to have a consultation with the esthetician whose going to do your service. With their knowledge in skin care and certifications in the lines they use they will be able to help guide you in the right direction of the steps you should take towards radiant, beautiful, healthy skin!

Check out the many different types of facials we have to offer in the menu tab above!

We won San Diego’s A List

Sunday, September 14th, 2014

Hello Bella Gia Friends!

We are so excited to report that we won San Diego’s Best of A List – Best Day Spa, Best Hair Salon and took 3rd place in Best Massage!  This was our 2nd year in a row to WIN BEST DAY SPA (2013 and 2014). In 2013, we placed 3rd for both Hair Salon and Massage and in 2014 we WON BEST HAIR SALON. These are very high honors and we are truly appreciative!!

Our salon and day spa were recently renovated and we think that helped drive our winning results! Our hair salon is bright and beautiful with all the latest equipment. Our hairstylists are highly trained professionals who specialize in hair cutting and color, highlights, specialty color like balayage and ombre, corrective color and brazilian blowouts. Our salon often hosts training sessions for new techniques and products. The Day Spa is serene and tranquil. Clients visibly relax as they pass thru the door from the hair salon to the day spa. We use panels to create privacy for our guests. Our estheticians and massage therapists provide top of the line treatments like anti aging facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, body wraps and massages. We choose our service providers not only based on their training and touch but on their knowledge and ability to work well with others. We have created a TEAM at Bella Gia and everyone is committed to excellence in both service and customer experience.

We sincerely thank everyone who voted for us and promise to continue to work hard to be San Diego’s BEST DAY SPA and HAIR SALON! Come visit us!

SanDiegoAList Banner 08262014 copy 300x69 We won San Diegos A List





Relax with a Day at the Spa

Friday, July 12th, 2013

hb Relax with a Day at the Spa

Hello Bella Gia Friends!

Need some time away from the children, work and the stress of everyday life? Come spend a day at the spa with us! We have several great packages and if you don’t see the exact package for you, then let us customize something for you.

Our most common package is the Pamper Me Please! package. It includes a 60 min. massage, 60 min. facial, spa lunch with champagne and a spa manicure with a deluxe spa pedicure! Some people prefer to upgrade their massages to a different type or extend them with a body scrub or body wrap. Many clients add microdermabrasion to their facial for truly fabulous results. As a break in the middle of your spa services, we serve you a healthy lunch as well.

We partner with a local restaurant to provide a fresh and delicious lunch and offer mimosas or champagne while our guests relax. Our day spa is a lovely sanctuary where you can put away your cellphone, ignore your emails and just breathe deeply. We see couples, friends, mother and daughters…just about anyone who enjoys a day away to unwind, relax and recharge.

Las Vegas Hair and Spa Show

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

WhatHappensAtIBS(1) Las Vegas Hair and Spa ShowHello Bella Gia friends!

This month we went to the Las Vegas International Beauty Show and the International Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conference! It is always fun to get some of the team together in Vegas to have fun and learn about the latest trends in hair and beauty. Popular trends in hair extensions, the ombre craze and fun summer hair color was all the rage this year. We attended several educational sessions and stage shows on the hair side and participated in multiple trainings for new and improved spa treatments as well. The energy is always fun and we come back ready to look for ways to improve our customer service and our day spa treatments.

For example, we plan to combine 3 individual treatments into one super luxurious treatment: body scrub, body wrap and 60 min. Swedish massage. This combination is a great way to relax, detox, hydrate and release stress. We are also planning to add another microdermabrasion machine to our inventory. This latest model, still from ClearFX, incorporates medical grade microdermabrasion with a special “oxygen mode” that infuses the skin with oxygen, vitamins and minerals. Not only does this additional treatment soothe the skin, it also helps hydrate the skin after the microdermabrasion procedure.

We will let you know as we make changes to our services, but we wanted to make sure that you know we are always searching for, and learning about, the latests trends and techniques in esthetics and cosmetics so we can bring you the best in hair, health and beauty!

Best Facial in San Diego

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

We receive calls every day asking “what type of facial is best for my skin”? The good news is that the products in each of our facials are tailored to your specific skin needs (oily or dry) and our one-on-one consultations with your skin care professional are designed to help you reach your skin care goals. When booking the appointment, please be prepared to answer these basic questions

  1. What is the goal of your facial?
  2. Are you preparing for a special event?
  3. Do you have acne?
  4. Is your skin very sensitive?

With this information, we can book the type of facial that we think best suits you and then you will meet with your esthetician. She will take the time to discuss your skin concerns and look at your skin, then she’ll modify the recommendation as needed and/or provide you with an ongoing skin-care regime.

We do microdermabrasion treatments and find that many clients benefit from this skin-resurfacing treatment, making our Bella Gia Signature Facial one of our best facial in San Diego! Microdermabrasion is a treatment with a special machine that allows us to rub a wand, releasing tiny crystals, over your face and neck. It gently but effectively removes the top layer(s) of your skin leaving your face looking fresh and revitalized! We also do complimentary skin analysis, so if you still have questions, set up an appointment to meet with one of our skin care professionals! We are “One Stop for ALL Your Beauty Needs!”