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Different Massage Types

Thursday, January 29th, 2015

Day in and day out I will have questions on the different types of massages and what exactly is the difference. While we have great short descriptions in both our menu and online sometimes people want more information. I have decided to put in one easy spot a more detailed description of each massage, exactly how I would describe them to a client if they we’re to ask me over the phone or in person.

Swedish Massage: When most people think to themselves of a massage, this is usually the modality they think of. It is a more relaxing massage that goes with the grain of the muscle in long smooth strokes. If you are just looking for a massage to help you relax this is a great pick. Our price for an hour is $90 and for a 90 min is $125

Deep Tissue: Is similar to swedish massage but at a deeper level of the muscle and pressure. In this type of massage they work against the grain of the muscle and is geared towards releasing pressure. If you have a lot of knots or tension in areas you are wanting worked out this then would be a great massage for you. Our price for an hour is $95 and for a 90 min is $135

Bella Gia Signature Massage: Our Bella Gia Signature Massage is our most popular massage, it’s a combination of Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Aroma Therapy. The massage therapist are able to customize these 3 modalities to your individual needs, that way if you need one area worked on more than the others they can accomplish that. With the aroma therapy we have several different essential oils in each room that you can choose from or the massage therapist can choose based on the benefits you need. If you are either unsure of what type of massage would be best for you, are wanting to try different modalities, or have a certain area you want worked on then just want to relax the rest of the massage this is the perfect massage for you. Our price for an hour is $100 and for a 90 min is $145.

Prenatal Massage: This is the massage only massage that can be performed once some one is pregnant. No massage can be preformed in the first trimester, for it is too high of a risk to cause labor. Once the expectant mother reaches her second trimester she would schedule a prenatal massage with one of our massage therapist that is specifically trained in this modality. If the pregnancy is already at the point where it is  uncomfortable to lay on her stomach then a side lined massage would be preformed. If you are past your second trimester of pregnancy and want relief from some of the aches and pains pregnancy causes this is a great option for you. Our prices for an hour is $90 and for a 90 min is $125.

Sports Massage: In Sports Massage, they focus on working out tension and ache muscles through both massage and different stretching techniques. If you are an athlete or do regular vigorous exercise then this would be the idle massage for you. Our price for an hour is $95 and for a 90 min $135.

Lava Stone Massage: This is a wonderful relaxing massage. Similar to the way the swedish massage works with the grain of the muscle in long slow relaxing strokes with both their hands and the lava stones. As well as placing the warm lava stones on different parts of the muscle to help relax and heat up the muscle for optimum results. If you are looking for a nice relaxing massage but want to step it up this is the perfect massage for you.  Our price for an hour is $105 and for a 90 min $145

Professional Facial versus Home Regimine

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

Something that is a common mind set for people is viewing coming in for professional treatments and using products at home as an “either/or” situation rather than viewing them as a team! When striving for healthy skin you need to come in for regular professional treatments and keep up your skin in between.

Regular treatments is one of the most beneficial choices you can make for your skin. By having regular treatments it re-stimulates the skin to react the way it once did in your youth and turnover every 28 days, which is why most estheticians will recommend coming in every 4-6 weeks or once a month. Your skin slows down every day as time goes on and taking it’s biggest drop after the age of 25 its a sad truth everyone must face. However when coming in for professional treatments you can trigger your skin to act younger than it is and not slow down but maintain a healthy rhythm.

Just like treatments can be customized so can a home regime not just the products that are used but how many needed to be used. If you are a simple person or super busy and have trouble finding time in the day, let your esthetician know they can create a simple to follow and quick home plan for you. If you are the type of person who wants to get results fast and are willing to take all the steps necessary to get there let them know that too! For every different personality and lifestyle there is we have a solution to help you have the healthy skin you want and deserve!

One example that has always stuck with me was one that was used while I was in school. Think of it as going to the dentist, you go in for regular cleanings but you still need to brush and floss at home. When coming in for a facial, peel, microdermabrasion, or any other skin treatment you are visiting a knowledgeable, licensed, and certified professional to check the health of your skin  and to use they’re expertise and techniques to rejuvenate overall appearance as well as reverse any conditions your skin may have. Between services your home regimen is there to help preserve the work of the esthetician did in the treatment room and protect it from further damage.  Ultimately you get more bang for your buck by accelerating and enhancing the results in from your treatments when using a home regimen plan.


PCA skin  300x163 Professional Facial versus Home Regimineyonka 300x110 Professional Facial versus Home Regimine

Introducing our Salon & Spa Happy Hour!

Thursday, September 18th, 2014

Hello Bella Gia Friends!

We are introducing a new Happy Hour for our salon and spa. We think this is something you will really enjoy! We put together some of our most popular services at a discount so that you could come in, de-stress and enjoy. Instead of going to the bar, come see us and relax with a glass of complimentary wine or champagne!

The NEW HAPPY HOUR MENU is available Monday through Friday 4pm – 8pm.
Your choice of any two (2) services below for $99 or three (3) services for $149!!

  • 30 min Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage
  • 30 min Hand & Foot Massage
  • Shampoo/Style
  • Haircut w/blowdry
  • Beauty Break Facial
  • Brazilian Wax
  • Bikini and Brow Wax
  • Add a Brow Wax/Shaping for $15
  • Includes complimentary champagne or wine
  • Includes complimentary fruit/cheese platter for groups of 4 or more!
Happy Hour Menu only available Mon-Friday 4pm to 8pm, some limited availability, cannot combine other discounts or specials, other restrictions may apply. Sorry, cannot book online, must call 619.297.7601.


Las Vegas Hair and Spa Show

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

WhatHappensAtIBS(1) Las Vegas Hair and Spa ShowHello Bella Gia friends!

This month we went to the Las Vegas International Beauty Show and the International Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conference! It is always fun to get some of the team together in Vegas to have fun and learn about the latest trends in hair and beauty. Popular trends in hair extensions, the ombre craze and fun summer hair color was all the rage this year. We attended several educational sessions and stage shows on the hair side and participated in multiple trainings for new and improved spa treatments as well. The energy is always fun and we come back ready to look for ways to improve our customer service and our day spa treatments.

For example, we plan to combine 3 individual treatments into one super luxurious treatment: body scrub, body wrap and 60 min. Swedish massage. This combination is a great way to relax, detox, hydrate and release stress. We are also planning to add another microdermabrasion machine to our inventory. This latest model, still from ClearFX, incorporates medical grade microdermabrasion with a special “oxygen mode” that infuses the skin with oxygen, vitamins and minerals. Not only does this additional treatment soothe the skin, it also helps hydrate the skin after the microdermabrasion procedure.

We will let you know as we make changes to our services, but we wanted to make sure that you know we are always searching for, and learning about, the latests trends and techniques in esthetics and cosmetics so we can bring you the best in hair, health and beauty!

Give the Gift of Relaxation for Your Dad this Father’s Day

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

Hello Bella Gia Friends!

With Father’s Day right around the corner, let’s talk about what Dad REALLY wants! Not another tie, I promise you. At Bella Gia Salon and Day Spa, we have some great treatments to help Dad relax!

Our Gentleman’s Escape is four hours of pampering that any man will love. We start with a 90 minute deep tissue massage, then treat his skin to a Yon-Ka facial, a great break from razor wear. He will then enjoy a spa lunch with champagne or wine followed by a spa manicure and pedicure. This delightful break from his busy work schedule and those manly responsibilities around the home is sure to be appreciated!

If that sounds like too much for Dad, just let us know what his favorite relaxation treatments are and we will design a spa experience specifically for him. Our San Diego spa is quiet, peaceful and private so he can really relax and get away from it all. If Dad more of a “massage-kind-of-guy” only, then you might also consider treating him to a series of massages.

We offer several series including buy 3 massages, get 10% off or buy 6 massages and get one free. These series allow Dad to visit at his leisure so he can fully enjoy the healing benefits of massage. I don’t want to brag but we have an amazing team at Bella Gia and our massage therapists are some of the best in San Diego!

Loyalty Program

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

Hello Bella Gia Friends! At Bella Gia Salon and Day Spa, we look for ways to thank our generous clients for their loyalty – what better way than a loyalty point program? Every client earns a point for every dollar spent on full price salon and spa services and a point for every $10 in products! Once you reach 250 points, you can redeem them for $20 off any service Tues – Thurs, and $10 off any service Fri – Sun!

PLUS if you send us a referral – you earn 250 points upon completion of that referrals appointment!! Even better, we track those points for you! No cards to carry or passwords to remember – it is all in our system, under your name! This is just one of the ways we like to say “THANK YOU!”

Many of our clients like to use their points to try new services, for example if you normally do your nails with us, use your points to try a great deep tissue massage or a facial! It is an excellent way to use the program to really reward yourself! We are “One Stop for ALL Your Beauty Needs!”